“Let us live in a way that Earth will be grateful for us.”

Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer — Author & Scientist

Solutions to the global environmental and social issues the world faces at this time are ecological. They exist in each of us, and will emerge as humanity reconnects to a deep knowing that we are part of nature, and lives from this place of reverence. Many Indigenous communities inherently know this and have lived from this perspective for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, in a harmonious give and take relationship with the land, rivers and ocean.


ALL LIFE IS INTERDEPENDENT and thrives on diversity. This foundational truth forms the ground from which a vision for a flourishing world can grow.

Deeply embedded within this fertile soil are FOUR ROOT PRINCIPLES, each representing a way of being and living. These principles, adopted from the universal wisdom contained within Indigenous Perspectives, underpin the natural world and inspire the actions of humans.


We realise we are in a continual RELATIONSHIP with all life. Nested within its entirety, we are part of nature’s cycles. This offers us a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves and our individual families and communities. We belong to the whole.


When we recognise that nothing lives in isolation, RESPECT emerges for every creature, every person, the living waters and the vast landscapes. We appreciate the plankton and trees for enabling our breath. We feel gratitude to our fellow species and their invaluable contributions to the complex web of Life.


With this belonging comes the RESPONSIBILITY to act with care and integrity. When we have awareness that our actions influence and impact ourselves, other humans and all life forms, we can choose to respond in ways that enhance the health and balance of the whole.


Embedded in the organic design of nature is RECIPROCITY, whereby the cycles of giving and receiving among parts of the living Earth produces the equilibrium in which life can flourish. As human beings, we have a contribution to make, and may ask ourselves what gifts we have to share, and how we can nurture, nourish and support life. This spreads a culture of generosity and sharing, which brings joy to our hearts and a deep sense of purpose and belonging to our lives.

Flourishing Diversity amplifies the wisdom these principles are drawn from, and explores pathways to their realisation. We create initiatives that bring these root principals to life, and promote causes and projects that align with, uplift and embody them.