Meet Mr.ǂOma Tsamkxao, affectionately known as Chief Bobo, of the Juǀ’hoan San (Khoisan) in Namibia. Inhabiting the fragile Kalahari ecosystem for thousands of years as hunter-gatherers, the Juǀ’hoan San established the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, the first internationally recognised land conservancy in Namibia.

During a Listening Session at the Conduit Club, held in September 2019, Mr.ǂOma Tsamkxao took us on a journey into the history of the land and people of the Nyae Nyae area. His storytelling is an invitation to connect to the heart of who we are as a species.

In September 2019 Flourishing Diversity held six Listening Sessions in a diverse range of poignant London venues, representing the urgent need for the world to start listening to Indigenous representatives and their sophisticated approaches to living in community structures that coexist with and support harmony and abundance with the rest of Life. You can find out more here.


Date Added: 18 January 2021