The ancestral homeland of the Idu Mishmi community of Northeast India is the rugged and densely forested Dibang Valley, which lies in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh in the Eastern Himalayas.

The Idu, like most other indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh, are traditional animists. Animists believe that while humans, animals and spirits may look different, they share a common culture.

In this listening session, the Idu’s share details about their sophisticated religious system, led by the shamans, which has resulted in there being more tigers and other endangered species present on their territories compared to the neighbouring tiger reserves and protected areas.

They also share the factors currently threatening the continuation of their culture and consequently, the harmony and balance of their lands.

In September 2019 Flourishing Diversity held six Listening Sessions in a diverse range of poignant London venues, representing the urgent need for the world to start listening to Indigenous representatives and their sophisticated approaches to living in community structures that coexist with and support harmony and abundance with the rest of Life. You can find out more here.