The Mamos are spiritual leaders from the Arhuaco nation of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In this session they shared aspects of their ancient cosmology, addressing ecology and balance in the face of the existential threats facing the world today.

Indigenous people understand water as a sacred element and have sophisticated ways of working with it. Having asked the audience to bring water from their homes, the Mamos guided them through a process to cleanse and energise the molecular structure of this water, inviting them to continue the process by sharing this water with the rivers, springs, and streams in their area.

In September 2019 Flourishing Diversity held six Listening Sessions in a diverse range of poignant London venues, representing the urgent need for the world to start listening to Indigenous representatives and their sophisticated approaches to living in community structures that coexist with and support harmony and abundance with the rest of Life. You can find out more here.