Featuring Indigenous Women and Wisdom Keepers from all four corners of the globe, this Listening Session celebrates the interrelatedness of all life, emerging through the female principle that brings living forms into existence.

The universal and fundamental human proclivity to receive joy from watching our children and those we love grow and flourish, can indeed transmute the current ecological crisis into a new way of caring for our only planet and all life on it.

Being present in a human form is a special privilege; for humanity is that part of the world that is conscious of its own awareness, and able to reflect on its own place within the web of existence.

Empathy, love, cooperation, sharing, and mutual respect between all cultures, peoples, and life forms is the heart of being human today and the real hope for our collective future.

The women speaking at this special gathering inspire us to recognise this and to take responsibility for our role in ensuring that the great dance of life remains as beautiful and diverse as possible, for present and future life on Earth to thrive and flourish.

In September 2019 Flourishing Diversity held six Listening Sessions in a diverse range of poignant London venues, representing the urgent need for the world to start listening to Indigenous representatives and their sophisticated approaches to living in community structures that coexist with and support harmony and abundance with the rest of Life. You can find out more here.


Date Added: 18 January 2021