Studio Anna Heringer has long since worked towards building local yet impactful community projects following their motto; ‘Architecture is a tool to improve lives’.

Creating beautiful architecture built by and for the people, the firm merges traditional building practices with contemporary solutions. They ensure the economic benefits remain local and that the process truly belongs to the community, whilst also being sensitive to the environment.

Here are three examples, drawn from the many projects of Studio Anna Heringer:

Three Hostels in Baoxi (a village in China), demonstrated bamboo used in contemporary ways.

“In general we tend to think that sustainability is about scarcity, but the nature of nature is not limitation. These great building materials, bamboo and mud, are there in abundance. They make sense in economic as well as ecological perspective and are healthy for people and the planet.” Anna Heringer

The METI and DESI schools in rural Bangladesh utilised local materials, local craftsmanship and provided natural, inexpensive solutions to the needs of the local climate. Creatively, the designs complemented both traditional and emerging contemporary ways of living.

Wormser Dom’s sanctuary interiors – “Building in Germany is not a question of material scarcity like in my other projects. But we are one humankind on one planet and in our human essence, I believe we are the same whatever cultural context might have had its imprint on us. We all need meaning in our lives, we need to be loved, be needed.” Anna Heringer