SUGi is a global initiative of Forest Makers and Ocean Gardeners empowering people to invest in nature, restore biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems.

Using The Miyawaki Method of afforestation, urban environments from car parks to hospitals have become biodiversity hotspots, while rural locations have been restored to welcome back native species, in a process of both rewilding the land and human hearts.

This video shows the creation of Beirut’s first-ever urban rewilding.

Elise Van Middelem, the Founder of SUGi had an established career working globally as a creative brand consultant until she felt increasingly overwhelmed by the scale of the ecological problem and decided to take action when she was frustrated that so many tree planting organizations took a highly problematic monocultural approach and offered no ability to track one’s donation and follow the forest’s story. We asked her to share her vision for a flourishing world and where she draws her inspiration and joy from.

“My vision was to bring nature closer to people, particularly for city dwellers. We think of SUGi forests as the antidote to the nature deficiency of modern life. It’s not just that green deserts mean poor air quality, hotter summers and colder winters, it’s that birdsong helps us to breath more calmly and reminds us to smile at the wonders of the world itself. Nature is a muse for creativity, for kindness, and for a respect for diversity in all its forms.”

“I draw my inspiration and joy from nature and in particular native ancient forests. They are complex and thus resilient. They cultivate beauty. Soil, shrub, subtree, tree and Canopy. You need a bit of everything to make up a beautiful and thriving ecosystem!”
Elise Van Middelem, Founder of SUGi 

SUGi makes it simple and fun to be a Biodiversity Builder. With their Pocket Forest, you can turn a corner of your garden or backyard into your very own tranquil forest haven, designed for native biodiversity to flourish and offset air pollution.

You can also invest in biodiversity for a habitable future Earth with their support programme, which delivers big returns for us and our world with even just a small investment.

For more inspiring videos visit SUGi’s YouTube Channel.