We’re delighted to share with you an online learning opportunity placing ecological knowledge at the heart of its teachings, and embedding ancient traditions of forest wisdom to enrich human life in times of ecological and personal crisis.

Guardians of the Forest is an online course in somatic, spiritual and practical approaches to forest care, with 40 practitioners from 30 nations across the world.

This 16-week programme, curated and organised by Advaya C.I.C. and Nicolas Salazar Sutil, is designed to be a transformational experience with an ecological impact.

Facilitated by 40 world-renowned forest guardians delivering 7 bio-regionally focussed modules, this course seeks to inspire the everyday and professional lives of all those who take part. Whether you are interested in conservation, communication, activism, eco-art, research, environmental law, advocacy, or simply looking for inspiration to be a flourisher, Guardians of the Forest is designed to change the way we understand our human relation to forests.

If the root principles of Flourishing Diversity speak to you, and you’re looking for ways to deepen your knowledge and embody these principles in your own life, then this course could be for you.

Taking place between 3rd May and 11th August 2021, the course is structured into 7 interactive modules on a dedicated course platform with all sessions recorded, live Q&As, resources, discussions and much more. Optionally certified by Ubiquity University and delivered online in English & Spanish.

This course is non-profit, with various pricing options and funding available, and the organisers have made a 15% discount available to the Flourishing Diversity community, using the code FD15.

You can find out more details and register for the course here

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Value trees as living beings in their own right
  • Appreciate the deep interdependence between humans and trees.
  • Embody forest life through spiritual, somatic and experiential practice.
  • Recognise the significance of cultural practices in forest stewardship.
  • Read the land for an understanding of changing environmental conditions and threats to forest biomes.
  • Evaluate ideas holistically for effective approaches to forest guardianship.
  • Develop community-building for collective guardianship action.
  • Understand the legal aspects of forest rights and land justice.
  • Gain awareness of key forest guardianship projects currently underway worldwide.

About Advaya C.I.C.
Advaya is a Community Interest Company that explores the connections between ecology, spirituality, and mental health, advocating regenerative narratives and economies, collective responsibility, public awakening and mobilisation.

As a global platform for alternative education and transformative experiences, Advaya seeks to link inner transformation with outer change and build a community of change-makers around the principles of radical regeneration and joyful revolution.

“By embedding ecological awareness into our lives, we can move from narratives of growth to an economy that values social, individual and environmental wellbeing. Our live events, media platform and campaigns shift narratives, empower and inspire, weaving stories of beautiful transformation, resistance and renewal. We believe positive change will occur when enough people are empowered and united. We, therefore, cultivate informed communities, link networks, and advocate alternatives, practices and knowledge in the areas of Food, Economy, Consciousness, Activism, Health, Lifestyle & Story-Telling. We enable people to stand at the forefront of positive change and support the transition to a happier, healthier and globally considerate world.” Ruby and Christabel Reed, Founders of Advaya C.I.C.

Date Added: 5 April 2021