“We know that when we are alone we can’t do everything, because if we could do things all by ourselves we wouldn’t make alliances.”

Moisés Piyãko — A Leader and Shaman of the Ashaninka People

Flourishing Diversity is made up of those we collaborate, create, and dream with. Our network community includes bridge builders, decision makers, visionaries, network creators, communicators, researchers, strategic communicators and catalysts for cultural shift. Diversity, in terms of race, cultural background, gender and geographic location are foundational within our network, just as diversity is at the heart of each healthy ecosystem.

Through our initiatives and events, we build strong connections between nodes in the network, embracing the inclusivity that arises when many voices, across disciplines and borders are valued and heard.

In 2021 we will organize activities designed to cross-pollinate, strengthen, and amplify the diverse knowledge, resources and activities within the network. Unified by value-led approaches and practices that recognise the vitality of whole ecosystems, the benefits of working in support of diversity, and the possibilities that open up when we weave together.

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Date Added: 27 January 2021