Forecast is a series of online events hosted by Invisible Dust from 3rd – 7th March 2021, exploring ideas about the planet’s future through panel discussions, performances, artist interviews, screenings and more.

As a positive response to the uncertainty of the pandemic and accelerating climate change, Forecast seeks to highlight how we cannot plan for the future by assuming it will look like the past. We are invited to consider the question “What is shaping how we think about the planet’s future?”. The events during Forecast will explore this along with other related questions while presenting new art and ideas from every continent.

Flourishing Diversity is an official programme partner of Forecast and will be hosting two events during the series:

Voices by Alexandrov Klum: Film and Artist Q&A
Thursday 4th March, 19:30 – 20:30 WET
Artist duo Alexandrov Klum interviewed eight Indigenous representatives from around the World at the 2019 Flourishing Diversity Series in London, The shared intention was to amplify their knowledge, perspectives, stories and calls to action with audiences around the world.

By intertwining the cinematic landscapes captured by Alexandrov Klum f with the powerful messages of the Indigenous representatives, both the challenges and the remarkable beauty of the remaining ecosystems juxtaposed makes this an extraordinary and emotionally arresting art piece.

It raises fundamental questions for those cultures driving biodiversity loss and creates an opportunity for vital discussion as to how we can, and must evolve.

Join us for the first screening of this short film, raising awareness for Indigenous Peoples of the world, followed by a Q&A with the artists and Flourishing Diversity.
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Nave Gaia (Spaceship Gaia): A dialogue with Ailton Krenak, an Indigenous philosopher and leader, and Antonio Nobre, agronomist and researcher
Friday 5th March, 15:30 – 17:00 WET
Join us for a dialogue between two brilliant thinkers and ardent admirers of each other’s work; one rooted in the Indigenous sciences and cosmologies of the Krenak People of the Brazilian Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, the other rooted in Western sciences.
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Other events to look out for:
Panel discussion: What will our view of nature bring to the future?
Friday 5th March 13.00 – 14.00 WET
Hosted by Flourishing Diversity Co-Founder Jessica Sweidan
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Panel discussion: How can we use the past to understand the future?
Thursday 4th March 13.00 – 14.00
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All events welcome a small donation but can also be accessed for free. Spaces are limited so please be sure to book ahead via Eventbrite, using the registration links above. To see the full Forecast programme, which includes new collaborative works, collections of writings, open discussions, live performances, curated films and more, please visit the Invisible Dust website.

Date Added: 19 February 2021