“It’s the forest that secures the world. If you destroy it all, it’s not only indigenous people who will suffer.”

Chief Raoni Metuktire — Kapayo Leader & Global Environmentalist

At the beginning of 2020, Chief Raoni Metuktire from the Kayapo People travelled to the UK with a delegation of Indigenous representatives including Chief Megaron Txucarramãe, Chief Davi Kopenawa, Bepro Metuktire and Dario Kopenawa.

With their Amazonian homeland and communities suffering further due to the devastating impact of unchecked deforestation and extraction for international supply chains, they travelled across the world to spread urgent messages about the extent of what is happening in Brazil, why this is a global issue, and to ask for our engagement and action.

FD hosted the delegation for one evening at University College London, bringing together people from various fields including business, academia, conservation and activism. Thanks to XR for the livestream of this event which has reached an audience of over 1.3k people. Thanks also to the Q & A panel: Sue Cunninghan, Patrick Cunninghan, Grace De Souza, Marcos Colon and Jorge Bodanzky.

Date Added: 27 January 2021